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Mountain View
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Atmega Series
Renewable Energy

Power System Projects We Currently Working With

  • Single-Stage Three-Phase Differential-Mode Buck-Boost Inverters With Continuous Input Current for PV Applications (IEEE 2016)
  • Leakage Current Calculation for PV Inverter System Based on a Parasitic Capacitor Model (IEEE 2016)
  • A Novel Multiple-Frequency Resonant Inverter for Induction Heating Applications (IEEE 2016)
  • An Enhanced Single-Phase Step-Up Five-Level Inverter (IEEE 2016)
  • A Family of Quasi-Switched-Capacitor Circuit-Based Dual-Input DC/DC Converters for Photovoltaic Systems Integrated With Battery Energy Storage (IEEE 2016)
  • Combined Phase-Shift and Frequency Modulation of a Dual-Active-Bridge AC–DC Converter With PFC (IEEE 2016)
  • Non-isolated Two-Channel LED Driver With Automatic Current Balance and Zero-Voltage Switching (IEEE 2016)
  • Minimum-Current-Stress Scheme of Dual Active Bridge DC–DC Converter With Unified Phase-Shift Control (IEEE 2016)
  • A Four-Plate Compact Capacitive Coupler Design and LCL-Compensated Topology for Capacitive Power Transfer in Electric Vehicle Charging Application (IEEE 2016)
  • A Non-isolated Interleaved Boost Converter for High-Voltage Gain Applications (IEEE 2016)
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Mountain View