Light Chaser System:

The unit was developed to help the chaser lighting designers to easily develop a lighting system in which the design patterns can be simulated as well as uploaded to the hardware section for its execution in the real world . This system can select line displaying , matrix displaying , speed variation and check function. The software simulating part include starting new file, saving the design , opening and editing of existing ones , uploading to hardware , simulation with play and pause operation.

Blue-Eye Messenger:

BLUE EYES MESSENGER is a Bulk Message sending Device designed for Financial Enterprises.Developed in GSM environment

Marine Diver Depth Assist System:

Its a product designed for the marine deep sea divers for measuring the depth as they explorer and maintain connection with there vessel on the surface. This system was developed as a replacement of analoge devices and digitalizing the traditional methodology.

Ship Stability Mointoring:

The product provides real time analysis of ship stability and describes the architecture. Software provides the auto test and monitor system, offering the advantages of the system and the estimation of its error.

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