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Raspberry Pi

Embedded Projects We Currently Working With

  • Intelligent Speed Bump System With Dynamic License Plate Recognition. (IEEE 2016)
  • Internet of Things Application using Tethered MSP430 to Thingspeak Cloud. (IEEE 2016)
  • Low-cost Intelligent Static Gesture Recognition System. (IEEE 2016)
  • HealthyOffice: Mood Recognition At Work Using Smartphones and Wearable Sensors. (IEEE 2016)
  • Low Cost Embedded Hardware based Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Testing System. (IEEE 2016)
  • Remote Monitoring of Photovoltaic Systems using Embedded System Clusters. (IEEE 2016)
  • Urban Street Lighting Infrastructure Monitoring using a Mobile Sensor Platform. (IEEE 2016)
  • Algorithm for Implementing 32-Bits Represented Bernoulli Map Using an 8-Bit Microcontroller (IEEE 2016)
  • Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization of Electric Vehicle HVAC Systems. (IEEE 2016)
  • Electro osmotic Micropump Analysis for Lab On Chip Water Quality Monitoring. (IEEE 2016)
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