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Electrical Projects We Currently Working With

  • Battery Current’s Fluctuations Removal in Hybrid Energy Storage System Based on Optimized Control of Supercapacitor Voltage. (IEEE 2016)
  • Improve Distribution System Energy Efficiency With Coordinated Reactive Power Control-(IEEE 2016)
  • Active Power Control of DFIG-Based Wind Farm for Improvement of Transient Stability of Power Systems (IEEE 2016)
  • Improved Energy Storage Management and PV-Active Power Control Infrastructure and Strategies for Micro grids (IEEE 2016)
  • Co-Ordinated Control Strategy for Hybrid Wind Farms With PMSG and FSIG Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Condition (IEEE 2016)
  • Efficient Single Phase Transformer-less Inverter for Grid-Tied PVG System With Reactive Power Control (IEEE 2016)
  • Unified Distributed Control for DC Micro grid Operating Modes (IEEE 2016)
  • Resonant Versus Conventional Controllers in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Plants Under Unbalanced Grid Voltages (IEEE 2016)
  • Four-Leg Converters With Improved Common Current Sharing and Selective Voltage-Quality Enhancement for Islanded Micro grids (IEEE 2016)
  • An Efficient Modeling Technique to Simulate and Control Sub module-Integrated PV System for Single-Phase Grid Connection" (IEEE 2016)
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