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Robotics Projects We Currently Working With

  • A hierarchical approach to minimum-time control (IEEE 2016).
  • Adaptive Control for Robot Navigation in Human Environments based on Social Force Model(IEEE 2016).
  • Exact Robot Navigation Using Power Diagrams(IEEE 2016).
  • Improving Dependability of Industrial Transport Robots Using Model-Based Techniques(IEEE 2016).
  • Improving Soft Pneumatic Actuator Fingers through Integration of Soft Sensors, Position and Force Control, and Rigid Fingernails(IEEE 2016).
  • Multi-sensorial and explorative recognition of garments and their material properties in unconstrained environment(IEEE 2016).
  • Precision Grasping based on Probabilistic Models of Unknown Objects(IEEE 2016).
  • Probabilistic Visual Verification for Robotic Assembly Manipulation(IEEE 2016).
  • Re-using Prior Tactile Experience by Robotic Hands to Discriminate In-Hand Objects via Texture Properties(IEEE 2016).
  • Robotic Automated External Defibrillator(IEEE 2016).
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Robotic Operating System

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