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Communication Projects We Currently Working With

  • A Novel Security Enabled Speed Monitoring System for Two Wheelers using Wireles Technology(IEEE 2016).
  • Gradient-Based Fingerprinting for Indoor Localization and Tracking(IEEE 2016).
  • Robotic Automated External Defibrillator Ambulance for Emergency Medical Service in Smart Cities(IEEE 2016).
  • Method and System for Wireless and Single-Conductor Power and Data Transmission(IEEE 2016).
  • Performance analysis of zero-forcing-based multiple-input multiple-output two-way relaying in overlay device-to-device communications(IET 2016)
  • IoT+Small Data: Transforming In-Store Shopping Analytics & Services(IEEE 2016)
  • An evaluation of selective security issues in Internet of Things based on Cloud(IJCT2016)
  • Localized Power Control for Multihop Large-Scale(IEEE 2016)
  • ScriptIoT: A Script Framework for and Internet-of-Things Applications(IEEE 2016)
  • A Radio Resource Sharing Scheme for IoT/M2M Communication in LTE-A Downlink(IEEE 2016)
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